Fruits of sadhana


A moment of silence speaks the truth,
Not outside but inside of you,
You think there are signs that make sense…
Pause, look beyond the nonsense.


Plant in doubt
The sprout shall take time
As time passes you realize
The emptiness is what it’s all about


Look at the sky is it blue?
Oh no, that’s just cloud dew.
Pause for a second look again
That’s right! you don’t know
where to begin or where to end.


Josie was always bullied at work, made fun off because she never a victim of the group thinks, therefore, seemed like the weirdest one amongst her colleagues. There was a collective decision on trying to make her leave the organization. Her colleagues did this by torturing her for her “weirdness” or individuality through the grapevine.

Josie and Savita were co-workers, the only one who was on Josie’s side was Savita. Some might say she was her only friend at work. Savita asked Josie to speak up, not to doubt herself but to stand up for what she believes in.

The following Tuesday morning she had enough!! Josie started yelling! “YOU GUYS ARE NOT HUMAN!! LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE!

Top management heard about this incident and launched an investigation, the investigation resulted in having two of her colleagues being asked to leave the organization on the grounds of harassment. This caused a huge panic amongst her co-workers, the feeling of being threatened by top management caused a few of them to start plotting to kill her.

They killed Josie.

Three and half days passed by and Savitri was a little sus about the entire situation. She didn’t see them kill her, but she was aware that they were the ones to do it. She was so sure!!!

No one thought Josie was murdered they all thought she committed suicide because she was harassed. Savitri then started looking for evidence as she was sure about the murder, she slowly started finding clues which led to her finding shreds of evidence, like a watch, tie and a restaurant card near the murder scene.

One day she happened to find a bunch of numbers and a knife in a plastic box under the floor of Josie’s living room.

As time was passing by Savitri was starting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, slowly she started noticing threats at her, first by anonymous letters emails then texts and finally whispers at work.

She now wanted someone to confide in to work with as this project started gaining momentum. Nobody believed her when she tried hinting that Josie didn’t kill herself, she was murdered, therefore she kept it to herself and tried fighting it and decided to ignore the threats.

One day when Savitri was walking home she felt she was being followed and her intuition was right, a man with a white complexion and freckles on his face started running towards her, she couldn’t outrun him. The man caught her and hit her up to a pulp, whilst stating “don’t look where you mustn’t, what doesn’t happen to you shouldn’t be your problem and if you think it is your problem, know that the same thing will happen to you”.

Savitri in her bed, feeling hazed… doesn’t remember the incident where she was hit up but when she woke up, she had healed scars. She looked like she recovered from 10-day old bruises.

She tried to remember the last thing that happens to her and she just wasn’t able to, she tried recounting for a month or two, it drove her crazy! But she just couldn’t remember.

Suddenly one morning, a lightbulb moment Savitri found the last piece of the puzzle for Josie’s murder. She saw at the side of her bed a phone that wasn’t hers. She connected the phone to a plug point then started browsing through it, in the call log she found the numbers of the co-workers who were bullying her and to her surprise, the number of their Manager was in there as well.

She was shocked but finally, at peace, Savitri didn’t know who to tell but now she keen that she wasn’t crazy! She was right all along!!

She wanted to share this news with someone but also wanted to ensure that she put no one in dangers way. To remind herself what she must do she went around telling everyone “life isn’t worth the money if you are making it and you aren’t alive.”

When Savitri returned to work she had this smile on her face that was never there before, no one else had this kind of smile either. SHE HAD SOLVED IT! This change in attitude caused her co-workers discomfort, they knew something wasn’t right. One day at her work desk Cody happened to see his phone, listening to Savitri footsteps approaching the office he quickly ran out. Savitri wondered why Cody was in her office, looking at the phone on the opposite side of her desk she took the phone and kept it in a box on top of the cupboard. The following week, Savitri was asked to stay back on a Friday by her Manager to do some overtime work. This was when Ash and Paula came upfront and told the manager that she couldn’t work because they had planned a holiday together. This was the first time Savitri even saw Paula and Ash. Over the weekend they sat with Savitri and explained to her how they knew that she wasn’t crazy and how they have seen this in the past but never bothered because nobody had enough proof before Savitri. Now after years, the guilt has eaten Paula’s and Ash’s life, to try to redeem themselves they decided to help Savitri in her fight for the justice of Josie’s murder. The next week Savitri was asked to come in on a Saturday, which was odd because the firm doesn’t work on Saturdays. As she had skipped the previous overtime, she was obliged to say yes, this time. Saturday, she came into the office only to see the co-workers and the Manager in the office, feeling uneasy she texted “HELP” with her location pinned to Paula and Ash discreetly. Around an hour into her coming in she was called into the manager’s office, on the way she saw the co-workers enter the room and she started running towards the door they started chasing her, she was running towards the exit when she realised that she needed to take the phone for evidence. Via the rush of adrenaline, she smashed the fire alarm causing the entire cleaning staff and everyone in the building to vacate the offices in the building. This tumult allowed her to get back into her office and picked up the box and started running towards the door just before she could reach, her manager swung a baseball bat at her legs. Falling hard to the ground she didn’t know what to do so she threw the box out the window, by this time the cops had arrived with Paula and Ash. The manager was arrested on spot as he was holding the bat with Savitri blood on the bat. Later all the co-workers in the office were arrested for conspiring against an employee as the entire incident was caught on camera, they didn’t have time to delete this footage like they always did in the past. After going through all the evidence Savitri had collected, the Manager and the co-workers involved were sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment without an option to pled guilty. The following day Paula, Ash, and Savitri went out to celebrate. After a few drinks down Savitri got a call on her phone from the same phone in the box and the person said, “only if the drug was stronger and lasted longer than 10 days”.


“Sphere” talks about how our lives are quite complex but from an objective standpoint is circular. Everyone’s story is connected somehow or the other. The link isn’t missing, it’s just not found. This story aims to create a thought pattern which breaks our current understanding of reality.

Charon was bored waiting for a bus when he saw a few road workers working on the road. He tried approaching them to have a conversation whilst he was waiting for the bus.

The road workers looked angrily at him and were not welcoming, they saw him as someone who thinks he’s better than them and therefore is displaying sympathy. One of them yelled out saying “get the F**k outta here, you think you are better than me”. Charon was stunned and decided to step back, by now the bus had arrived. Before getting into the bus Charon looked and them and said, “Take care of yourselves”.

Charon gets off the bus and goes to Mohini’s apartment. Knocking on her door, he got no response. He then decided to knock on Savitri’s door. Mohini opened the door for Charon, this was when he heard Rohan yelling at Savitri saying “YOU DONT KNOW WHO I AM!?, YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!!” and I could hear Savitri’s faint voice saying “life isn’t worth the money if you are making it and you aren’t alive.” 

Mohini was embarrassed shutting the door behind her and leaving to her place. Once Charon got to Mohini’s place, Charon explained to her what had happened at the bus station. Mohini angrily said, “don’t you know you shouldn’t be talking to strangers; do you not care about your safety!?”

As Mohini was embarrassed earlier, she was already in a state of anger to which Charon added fuel by talking about the incident at the bus station. This argument got so bad Charon stormed out of the apartment banging the door behind him. 

When he was walking towards the bus station, he saw a man who was about 5 feet away from him. Suddenly!! That man started running towards Charon! Charon did not know what he should do, and he started running away from this man. Charon ran into the apartment wherein the man followed him. This was when Charon realised it was the same person from the Bus station who had abused him earlier.

When he was climbing the stairs to Mohini’s apartment Savitri was running behind Rohan who was storming out of her apartment after their fight. The murder makes eye contact with Rohan who he was assigned to kill! Which is why he was in the area, to begin with. At this moment the murderer caught Savitri to threaten Rahul!!

Both Rohan and Charon screamed NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! and the murdered slices Savitri’s neck with grace. Mohini comes out because of the screams to see her mother’s neck being sliced open.

Rohan and the murdered end up going to jail.


Being in silence
Silence in constant
Constant silent being


Fooled by a limited sight
Bound by a tactful plight
Almost hear the thoughts pass by
Scent of truth in which we rely


A picture or a painting has many forms but the artist takes only one.
Steal a cucumber or a diamond, the intention is only one.
Sleep and wakefulness the difference is only one.
Truth or lies the choice is only one.


Be a dreamer, dreams become reality
Be a seeker, seeking kills duality
Be true, truth fills you with delight
Be dark, darkness allows light


Time for some reflection
To look within is to look without, it works best when in doubt
Our very being is to strive for more but we should know how to control
It takes time to realize that all of us are hypnotized
Society is an invisible chain, break free from all that pain
To look within is to look without, it works best when in doubt