Corporate Workshops

Having employees who practice meditation can have a positive impact on your company. Evidence-based studies have shown:

  • an increase in focus and concentration
  • improved productivity
  • more thinking creatively and flexibly
  • better memory
  • more emotional intelligence
  • better relationships with colleagues
  • reduction in stress and related health issues, leading to less absenteeism
  • being proactive to problems rather than reactive

Add to this, improvements in mood and positive emotions. And it has been shown that happy employees are more motivated and less likely to change jobs.

RNDC can offer tailored engaging and interactive workshops to suit your needs.

  • From 30 minutes to half a day.
  • From individuals to hundreds.
  • Onsite or online.

Since all that is required is a chair, it can be done in almost any setting.

A short session is the perfect interlude and refresher in a day-long meeting. A longer session gives an in-depth understanding.

A few of the science areas that can be covered are:

  • What is mindfulness?  How do we do it?
  • The body’s response to stress and the physiology of what is happening in the brain and body.  Why meditation is an antidote.
  • How the practice of meditation improves focus, concentration and memory and therefore academic performance.
  • Developing emotional regulation and impulse control.
  • How it impacts the culture in a workplace
  • The physiology of what is happening in the body when we meditate
  • How meditation builds up resilience, self-acceptance, self-esteem and confidence.
  • The negative bias of the brain, the science of optimism and pessimism, and consequently, how we can become more optimistic.
  • How certain meditations can increase empathy and hence emotional intelligence.
  • Happiness: What it is and the chemicals in the brain responsible for it. How and why, we evolved to have these chemicals, and finally, how to produce them.



Your place is confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made in Australian dollars by direct deposit into the following account: Smart access, BSB: 062320 Account: 11465017