School and University Workshops

Teacher –

School teachers have the responsibility of shaping the minds of the next generation. Stress is associated with many health issues, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • insomnia
  • heart disease
  • lowered immune function
  • stomach ulcers
  • lowered energy levels

With being a student myself, I am very aware of this. Practicing mindfulness can go a long way to alleviating both stress and the related health problems.

And it also has many other benefits.

For teachers the limit is 3 teachers per session (in person)

No limit for online sessions.

  • 30 minutes to half a day depending on school requirements.

Students –

For students the limit is 6 students per session (in person)

No limit for online sessions.

  • 30 minutes to half a day depending on school requirements.

Simply choose what you would like included in your session from the list. If unsure, we are happy to advise.

Body – Earth

Breath – Air

Open eye – Space

Mantra – Fire

Open-awareness meditation – Water

 A session involves a combination of guided practice and some of the science explaining it.  (The amount of the science is at your discretion.  Some people just prefer the practice.)

The practice incorporates up to 5 different types of mindfulness sessions, so you experience a wide range.

A few of the science areas that can be covered are:

  • What is mindfulness?  How do we do it?
  • The body’s response to stress and the physiology of what is happening in the brain and body.  Why meditation is an antidote.
  • How the practice of meditation improves focus, concentration and memory and therefore academic performance.
  • Developing emotional regulation and impulse control.
  • How it impacts the culture in a workplace
  • The physiology of what is happening in the body when we meditate
  • How meditation builds up resilience, self-acceptance, self-esteem and confidence.
  • The negative bias of the brain, the science of optimism and pessimism, and consequently, how we can become more optimistic.
  • How certain meditations can increase empathy and hence emotional intelligence.
  • Happiness: What it is and the chemicals in the brain responsible for it. How and why, we evolved to have these chemicals, and finally, how to produce them.



Your place is confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made in Australian dollars by direct deposit into the following account: Smart access, BSB: 062320 Account: 11465017